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Merritt J. The Wall Street Journal Guide to Building Your Career

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Merritt J. The Wall Street Journal Guide to Building Your Career
Crown Business, 2012. — 155 p. — ISBN 0307719561.
Are you looking for a mere job—the kind where you do virtually the same thing day after day, year after year, and spend the hours counting down the minutes until the clock hits five p.m.? Or are you looking for a career—the kind that engages your interests and passions, constantly presents new and exciting opportunities and challenges, and allows you to grow personally and professionally?
If you chose the latter, this is the book for you. In The Wall Street Journal Guide to Building Your Career, former Wall Street Journal careers editor Jennifer Merritt shows you how to build the foundation for the fulfilling professional career that leads to that corner office. She'll walk you through how to:
Select and nab that important career-launching college internship
Ace your first interview—and blow them away in the second round
Navigate the unwritten rules of any office culture
Negotiate tastefully and successfully for the salary your skills are worth
Merritt is a veteran business reporter and former careers editor for The Wall Street Journal, with over a decade of experience covering careers and wealth management. Merritt’s book breaks career-building down into a manageable, step-by-step process that follows a traditional career trajectory, from the college classroom to the corner office.She is the Wealth Management editor at Thomson Reuters. She has been covering career stories for the last decade, recently as the careers editor for The Wall Street Journal. Jennifer developed the Journal’s career-change columns Second Acts and 90 Days and also edited the Sunday Journal column Reinvent. She pens the popular blog Laid Off and Looking. Previously, she was an editor at Money, a business editor at the Florida Times-Union, and an editor and writer at BusinessWeek. She regularly appears on CNN’s Your Money and Your Bottom Line, and has appeared on Good Morning America and Fox News.
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