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Hill Edward C. A Primer of Telugu Characters

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Hill Edward C. A Primer of Telugu Characters
Publisher: Manohar Publishers & Distributors
Date: 1991
Pages: 25
ISBN: 9788185425399.
The following presentation of the Telugu script gives all of the forms which are encountered in modern printed texts. In addition, many early variant forms found both in printing and in manuscript are also illustrated. The information concerning these earlier variants as well as information on early conventions governing the representation of Sanskrit in Telugu script has been drawn from two sources: Campbell, A.D. A Grammar of the Teloogoo Language (Madra, 1816); Brown, C.P. A Grammar of the Telugu Language. Second Edition (Madras, 1857). The presentation which follows is organized thematically rather than pedagogically. Therefore the best approach for those with no prior exposure to the script is not to read through from start to finish. This would encumber the beginner with details on variants before mastering the basic forms. Contents: Preface I. Telugu Characters
Vowel Signs
Consonant-Vowel Combinations
Variants of Consonant-Vowel Combinations
Conjunct Consonants
Variants of Conjunct Consonants for k, m, and r
Examples Containing Conjunct Consonants
Variants of Conjunct-Consonants for y, p, and v
Easily Confused Pairs II. Aids for Reading
Words Without Conjuncts
Words With Conjuncts III. Passages for Reading Practice
Selections from the Bhagavadgita
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