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Byrne Donn. Basic Comprehension Passages with Key

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Byrne Donn. Basic Comprehension Passages with Key
Pearson, 1986.
Basic Comprehension Passages provides practice in reading comprehension for elementary students.
A variety of graded passages with written comprehension exercises and related guided composition practice A vocabulary development section Dictation passages and close activities closely related to the texts and intended for consolidation and revision Extensive introduction with notes to teachers on how to use the book Key to the exercises
Read and decide.
- Find these words in the text and choose the right meaning for them.
- Choose the right answer to the questions.
- What do the words in italics refer to?
- Make true sentences.
- Put these sentences in the correct order.
- Guided composition. Use the sentences to complete the paragraph.
- Vocabulary practice. Complete these sentences using the words in the box.
- Discussion questions.
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