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Jauch J.M. Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

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Jauch J.M. Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers Inc, 1968. - 312 р. ISBN: 0201032988
"This book is an advanced text on elementary quantum mechanics.
By "elementary" I designate here the subject matter of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics for the simplest physical systems. With the word "advanced" I refer to the use of modern mathematical tools and the careful
study of difficult questions concerning the physical interpretation of quantum
These questions of interpretation have been a source of difficulties from the beginning of the theory in the late twenties to the present day. They have been the subject of numerous controversies and they continue to worry contemporary thoughtful students of the subject.
In spite of these difficulties, quantum mechanics is indispensable for most modern research in physics. For this reason every physicist worth his salt must know how to use at least the language of quantum mechanics. For many forms of communication, knowledge of the approved usage of the language may be quite sufficient. A deeper understanding of the meaning is then not absolutely indispensable".
J.M. Jauch
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