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Massey B., Ward-Smith J. Mechanics of Fluids. Solutions Manual

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Massey B., Ward-Smith J. Mechanics of Fluids. Solutions Manual
Eighth edition. — Taylor &. Francis, 2006. 709 p. — ISBN:0-415-36205-9 (Hbk), ISBN:0-415-36206-7 (Pbk)
Preface to the eighth edition
Fundamental Concepts
The characteristics of fluids
Notation, dimensions, units and related matters
Properties of fluids
The perfect gas: equation of state
Surface tension
Basic characteristics of fluids in motion Classification and description of fluid flow The roles of experimentation and theory in fluid mechanics Summary
Fluid Statics
Variation of pressure with position in a fluid The measurement of pressure First and second moments of area Hydrostatic thrusts on submerged surfaces Buoyancy
The stability of bodies in fluids Equilibrium of moving fluids
The Principles Governing Fluids in Motion
Acceleration of a fluid particle The continuity equation Bernoulli’s equation
General energy equation for steady flow of any fluid
Pressure variation perpendicular to streamlines
Simple applications of Bernoulli’s equation
The Momentum Equation
The momentum equation for steady flow Applications of the momentum equation
Physical Similarity and Dimensional Analysis
Types of physical similarity
Ratios of forces arising in dynamic similarity
The principal dimcnsionlcss groups of fluid dynamics
Other dimensionlcss groups
Dimensional analysis
The application of dynamic similarity
Ship resistance
Laminar Flow Between Solid Boundaries
Steady laminar flow in circular pipes:
the Hagcn-Poiscuille law
Steady laminar flow through an annulus
Steady laminar flow between parallel planes
Steady laminar flow between parallel planes,
one of which is moving
The measurement of viscosity
Fundamentals of the theory of
hydrodynamic lubrication
Laminar flow through porous media
Flow and Losses in Pipes and Fittings
Flow in pipes of circular cross section
Variation of friction factor
Distribution of shear stress in a circular pipe
Friction in non-circular conduits
Other losses in pipes
Total head and pressure lines
Pipes in combination
Conditions near the pipe entry
Quasi-steady flow in pipes
Flow measurement
Boundary Layers, Wakes and Other Shear Layers
Description of the boundary layer
The thickness of the boundary layer
The momentum equation applied to the boundary layer
The laminar boundary layer on a flat plate with zero pressure gradient
The turbulent boundary layer on a smooth flat plate with zero pressure gradient
Friction drag for laminar and turbulent boundary layers together
Effect of pressure gradient
Boundary layer control
Effect of compressibility on drag
Eddy viscosity and the mixing length hypothesis
Velocity distribution in turbulent flow
Free turbulence
Computational fluid dynamics Problems
The Flow of an Inviscid Fluid
The stream function
Circulation and vorticity
Velocity potential
Flow nets
Basic patterns of flow
Combining flow patterns
Combinations of basic flow patterns
Functions of a complex variable
An introduction to elementary aerofoil theory
Flow with a Free Surface
Types of flow in open channels
The steady-flow energy equation for open channels
Steady uniform flow - the Chezy equation
The boundary layer in open channels
Optimum shape of cross-section
Flow in closed conduits only partly full
Simple waves and surges in open channels
Specific energy and alternative depths of flow
The hydraulic jump
The occurrence of critical conditions
Gradually varied flow
Oscillatory waves
Conclusion Problems
Compressible Flow of Gases
Thermodynamic concepts
Energy equation with variable density: static and stagnation temperature
The speed of sound
Shock waves
Supersonic flow round a corner
The Pitot tube in compressible flow
Some general relations for one-dimensional flows
One-dimensional flow through nozzles
Compressible flow in pipes of constant cross-section
High-speed flow past an aerofoil
Analogy between compressible flow and flow with a free surface
Flow visualization Problems
Unsteady Flow
Inertia pressure
Pressure transients
Surge tanks Problems
Fluid Machines
Reciprcxating pumps
Rotodynamic pumpsHydrodynamic transmissions
The effect of size on the efficiency of fluid machines Problems
Units and Conversion Factors
Physical Constants and Properties of Fluids
Tables of Gas Flow Functions
Algebraic Symbols
Answers to Problems
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