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Deb S. Video Data Management and Information Retrieval

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Deb S. Video Data Management and Information Retrieval
Издательство IRM Press, 2005, -410 pp.
Video data management and information retrieval are very important areas of research in computer technology. Plenty of research is being done in these fields at present. These two areas are changing our lifestyles because together they cover creation, maintenance, accessing, and retrieval of video, audio, speech, and text data and information for video display. But still lots of important issues in these areas remain unresolved and further research is needed to be done for better techniques and applications.
The primary objective of the book is to combine these two related areas of research together and provide an up-to-date account of the work being done. We addressed research issues in those fields where some progress has already been made. Also, we encouraged researchers, academics, and industrial technologists to provide new and brilliant ideas on these fields that could be pursued for further research.
The audience for this book would be researchers who are working in these two fields. Also researchers from other areas who could start-up in these fields could find the book useful. It could be a reference guide for researchers from other related areas as well. Reading this book can benefit undergraduate and post-graduate students who are interested in multimedia and video technology.
Section I: An Introduction to Video Data Management and Information Retrieval.
Video Data Management and Information Retrieval.
Section II: Video Data Storage Techniques and Networking.
HYDRA: High-performance Data Recording Architecture for Streaming Media.
Wearable and Ubiquitous Video Data Management for Computational Augmentation of Human Memory.
Adaptive Summarization of Digital Video Data.
Very Low Bit-rate Video Coding.
Section III: Video Data Security and Video Data Synchronization and Timeliness.
Video Biometrics.
Video Presentation Model.
Section IV: Video Shot Boundary Detection.
Video Shot Boundary Detection.
Innovative Shot Boundary Detection for Video Indexing.
A Soft-Decision Histogram from the HSV Color Space for Video Shot Detection.
Section V: Video Feature Extractions.
News Video Indexing and Abstraction by Specific Visual Cues: MSC and News Caption.
Section VI: Video Information Retrieval.
An Overview of Video Information Retrieval Techniques.
A Framework for Indexing Personal Videoconference.
Video Abstraction.
Video Summarization Based on Human Face Detection and Recognition.
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