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Riga Carla Larese. Salve!

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Riga Carla Larese. Salve!
Student edition. — Heinle, Cengage Learning, 2009. — 375 p. — ISBN-13 978–1–4130–1516–4; ISBN-10 1–4130–1516–6.
Salve! introduces you to Italian life and culture as you gain the skills to understand and express yourself in Italian. Through this many-faceted program, you will encounter both the vibrant life of modern Italy and Italy’s rich cultural heritage. As you are learning to express yourself in Italian, you will have opportunities to talk about your college experiences, family, friends, tastes, leisure activities, and the past as well as your plans for the future. And you will be encouraged to compare your life and experience with those of your Italian counterparts. The material in Salve! is organized and presented in ways that make it easy and fun to learn Italian: it uses a building block method, approaching the structures of the language inductively through easy to understand dialogue and narrative, by recycling essential vocabulary throughout each chapter, and by creating activities that invite you to express yourselves freely in interesting real-life contexts. This approach allows you to assimilate the vocabulary and grammatical structures gradually, starting with practical and controlled situations and moving to more open ones that encourage you to express yourself and your ideas. You will therefore be able to express yourself in Italian with confidence from the very start, yet feel comfortable as you master new concepts.
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