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Park David A. Introduction to the quantum theory

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Park David A. Introduction to the quantum theory
McGraw-Hills, 1974. - 669 p.
2-nd ed.
David Park - Professor of Physics, Williams College.
The Inadequacy of Classical Physics
The Physical Content of the Wave Function
General Principles
Systems in One Dimension
Hermitian Operators, Symmetry, and Angular Momentum
Spin and Isospin
Systems in Two and Three Dimensions
Approximate Methods of Calculation
The Theory of Scattering
Electromagnetic Radiation
Systems Containing Identical Particles
The Theory of Alpha Decay
Electrons in a Periodic Lattice
The Hydrogen Atom
The Helium Atom
Interatomic Forces
The Quark Model of the Baryons
The Neutron-Proton Interaction
Statistical Quantum Mechanics
Complex numbers
Fourier integrals and completeness relations
Transformations to moving coordInate systems
Spherical harmonics and angular functions
Outline of electromagnetic theory
Values of physical constants
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