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Inan U.S., Marshall R.A. Numerical Electromagnetics: The FDTD Method

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Inan U.S., Marshall R.A. Numerical Electromagnetics: The FDTD Method
Cambridge University Press, 2011, 390 pages, ISBN: 052119069X
Beginning with the development of finite difference equations, and leading to the complete FDTD algorithm, this is a coherent introduction to the FDTD method (the method of choice for modeling Maxwell's equations). It provides students and professional engineers with everything they need to know to begin writing FDTD simulations from scratch and to develop a thorough understanding of the inner workings of commercial FDTD software. Stability, numerical dispersion, sources and boundary conditions are all discussed in detail, as are dispersive and anisotropic materials.
A comparative introduction of the finite volume and finite element methods is also provided. All concepts are introduced from first principles, so no prior modeling experience is required, and they are made easier to understand through numerous illustrative examples and the inclusion of both intuitive explanations and mathematical derivations.
Review of electromagnetic theory
Partial differential equations and physical systems
The FDTD grid and the Yee algorithm
Numerical stability of finite difference methods
Numerical dispersion and dissipation
Introduction of sources
Absorbing boundary conditions
The perfectly matched layer
FDTD modeling in dispersive media
FDTD modeling in anisotropic media
Some advanced topics
Unconditionally stable implicit FDTD methods
Finite difference frequency domain
Finite volume and finite element methods
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