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Fan Liang-Shih. Chemical Looping Systems for Fossil Energy Conversions

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Fan Liang-Shih. Chemical Looping Systems for Fossil Energy Conversions
Publisher: Aiche, 400 Pages, ISBN: 0470872527, 2010 (2011).
The all-inclusive guide on how to convert fossil fuel energy using chemical looping technology
Unique in their ability to generate a sequestration-ready CO2 stream, chemical looping systems employ novel technology that can one day be used to efficiently convert fossil fuels into clean energy. Chemical Looping Systems for Fossil Energy Conversions explores the new techniques that have been developed for direct or indirect processing of coal and other carbonaceous feedstock in chemical looping reactors; covers the role that science plays in the production of steam, snygas, hydrogen, chemicals, electricity, and liquid fuels; and takes a close look at how chemical looping systems are poised to make the leap from the laboratory to real-world commercial applications. This forward-thinking reference:
Includes a CD with chemical looping simulation files and the simulation results based on the ASPEN Plus® software.
Provides fundamentals and applications of chemical looping processes that can be used in the combustion and/or gasification of carbon-based materials such as coal, natural gas, petroleum coke, and biomass.
Contains many references for research or courses concerning chemical processes, fossil energy systems, and CO2 capture technologies.
Detailing the fossil fuel conversion procedures that can make these looping processes an effective and economical practice for maximizing natural resource utilization, this book offers an in-depth view of the research conducted in this field from a commercially viable perspective and contributes a sound long-term energy strategy that holds the promise of benefiting generations to come.
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