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Hansen Carol D., Lee Yih-teen. The Cultural Context of Human Resource Development

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Hansen Carol D., Lee Yih-teen. The Cultural Context of Human Resource Development
Palgrave Macmillan, 2009. — 288 p.
Culture is a powerful determinant in how human performance problems are perceived and how their solutions in the form of employee development interventions are created, implemented and evaluated. As a lens, cultural frames color both the role and importance of human resource development (HRD) as a field of scholarly endeavor and as a professional area of practice.
This book addresses the most critical cultural bonds that influence today's work force, bonds which are shaped by our societial, organizational, and occupational backgrounds. Contributions begin with an explanation of why an anthropological understanding of our field is so important to HRD. This book goes beyond the concept of culture as a "variable of interest" by offering theoretical and case illustrations of culture at work.
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Anthropology: A Foundation for Human Resource Management G.N.McLean
Go to the People: Using Emic Approaches for Cultural Understanding W.Chang
The Cross-Cultural Transfer of American Models and Myths to Germany and the Cote d`Ivoire C.Hansen
The Cultural Context of Human Resource Development Paradigms in South Africa S.A.Lynham, F.M.Nafukho & P.W.Cunningham
Empowerment: A Practice Embedded in Cultural Contexts. A Comparison between the United States and France S.Chevrier
HRD in Austria: A Cultural Perspective of Management Development A.Reichel, W.Mayrhofer &K.Chudzikowski
Malleability in Spain: The Influence of US HRD Models J.Quintanilla, M?.J.Belizon, L.Susaeta &R.Sanchez-Mangas
Asian Reversalism: An Alternative Approach to Career Development Y.Lee & C.Hanson
The Cultural Context of Organizational Identity: How Belief Systems can Frames the Practice and Role of HRD S.L.Margolis
The Cultural Distinct Role of Human Resource Development in Non-Profit Organizations A.Wilensky
Culture Conflicts in Demonstrating the Value of HRD S.Carliner
The Influence of Organizational Culture on Training Effectiveness K.Bunch
When HR Practices and Organizational Culture Collide: A Performance Management Case Study K.Magee
The Link between Culture and Succession Planning L.Fancher
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