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Heinz Weihrich. The TOWS Matrix - a tool for situational analysis

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Heinz Weihrich. The TOWS Matrix - a tool for situational analysis
Статья опубликована в Long range planning, Vol 15, n2, 1982, 19 с.
This article has two main purposes One is to review general considerations in strategic planning and the second to introduce the TOWS Matrix for matching the environmental threats and opportunities with the company's weaknesses and especially its strengths. These factors per se are not new; what is new is systematically identifying relationships between these factors and basing strategies on them. There is little doubt that strategic planning will gain greater prominence in the future. Any organization—whether military, product oriented, service-oriented or even governmental—to remain effective, must use a rational approach toward anticipating, responding to and even altering the future environment.
Классическая статья, в которой поясняется различие между SWOT и TOWS, а так же приводятся конкретные примеры использования анализа.
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