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Böckh P., Wetzel T. Heat Transfer: Basics and Practice

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Böckh P., Wetzel T. Heat Transfer: Basics and Practice
Springer, 2012. 289 p. — ISBN:978-3-642-19182-4, e-ISBN:978-3-642-19183-1.
The book provides an easy way to understand the fundamentals of heat transfer. The reader will acquire the ability to design and analyze heat exchangers. Without extensive derivation of the fundamentals, the latest correlations for heat transfer coefficients and their application are discussed. The following topics are presented - Steady state and transient heat conduction - Free and forced convection - Finned surfaces - Condensation and boiling - Radiation - Heat exchanger design - Problem-solving After introducing the basic terminology, the reader is made familiar with the different mechanisms of heat transfer. Their practical application is demonstrated in examples, which are available in the Internet as MathCad files for further use. Tables of material properties and formulas for their use in programs are included in the appendix. This book will serve as a valuable resource for both students and engineers in the industry. The author’s experience indicates that students, after 40 lectures and exercises of 45 minutes based on this textbook, have proved capable of designing independently complex heat exchangers such as for cooling of rocket propulsion chambers, condensers and evaporators for heat pumps.
List of Symbols
Introduction and definitions
Modes of heat transfer
Heat (transfer) rat e and heat flux
Heat transfer coefficients and overall heat transfer coefficients
Rate equations
Energy balance equations
Log mean temperature difference
Thermal conductivity
Methodology of solving problems
Thermal conduction in static materials
Steady-state thermal conduction
Thermal conduction in a plane wall
Heat transfer through multiple plane walls
Thermal conduction in a hollow cylinder
Hollow cylinder with multiple layers
Thermal conduction in a hollow sphere
Thermal conduction with heat flux to extended surfaces
Temperature distribution in the fin
Temperature at the fin tip
Heat rate at the fin foot
Fin efficiency
Applicability for other geometries
Transient thermal conduction
One-dimensional transient thermal conduction
Determination of the temporal change of temperature
Determination of transferred heat
Special solutions for short periods of time
Coupled systems
Special cases at Bi = 0 and Bi = ∞
Temperature changes at small Biot numbers
A small body immersed in a fluid with large mass
A body is immersed into a fluid of similar mass
Heat transfer to a static fluid by a flowing heat carrier
Numerical solution of transient thermal conduction equations
Numerical solution
Selection of the grid spacing and of the time interval
Forced convection
Dimensionless parameters
Continuity equation
Equation of motion
Equation of energy
Determination of heat transfer coefficients
Flow in a circular tube
Turbulent flow in circular tubes
Laminar flow in circular tubes at constant wall temperature
Equations for the transition from laminar to turbulent
Flow in tubes and channels of non-circular cross-sections
Flat plate in parallel flow
Single bodies in perpendicular cross-flow
Perpendicular cross-flow in tube bundles
Tube bundle with baffle plates
Finned tubes
Annular fins
Free convection
Free convection at plain vertical walls
Inclined plane surfaces
Horizontal plane surfaces
Free convection on contoured surface areas
Horizontal cylinder
nteraction of free and forced convection
Condensation of pure vapors
Film condensation of pure, static vapor
Laminar film condensation
Condensation of saturated vapor on a vertical wall
nfluence of the changing wall temperature
Condensation of wet and superheated vapor
Condensation on inclined walls
Condensation on horizontal tubes
Turbulent film condensation on vertical surfaces
Dimensionless similarity numbers
Local heat transfer coefficients
Mean heat transfer coefficients
Condensation on horizontal tubes
Procedure for the determination of heat transfer coefficients
Pressure drop in tube bundles
Condensation of pure vapor in tube flow
Condensation in vertical tubes
Parallel-flow (vapor flow downward)
Counterflow (vapor flow upward)
Condensation in horizontal tubes
Boiling heat transfer
Pool boiling
Sub-cooled convection boiling
Nucleate boiling
Boiling at forced convection
Sub-cooled boiling
Convection boiling
Thermal radiation
Basic law of thermal radiation
Determination of the heat flux of radiation
Intensity and directional distribution of the radiation
Emissivities of technical surfaces
Heat transfer between two surfaces
Parallel gray plates with identical surface area size
Surrounded bodies
Thermal radiation of gases
Emissivities of flue gases
Emissivity of water vapor
Emissivity of carbon dioxide
Heat transfer between ga s and wall
Heat exchangers
Definitions and basic equations
Calculation concepts
Cell method
Analysis with the log mean temperature method
Fouling resistance
Tube vibrations
Critical tube oscillations
Acoustic resonance
A1: Important physical constants
A2: Thermal properties of sub-cooled water at 1 bar pressure
A3: Thermal properties of saturated water and steam
A4: Thermal properties of water and steam
A5: Thermal properties of saturated Freon 134a
A6: Thermal properties of air at 1 bar pressure
A7: Thermal properties of solid matter
A8: Thermal properties of thermal oils
A9: Thermal properties of fuels at 1.013 bar
A10: Emissivity of surfaces
A11: Formulary
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