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Jardin S. Computational Methods in Plasma Physics

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Jardin S. Computational Methods in Plasma Physics
Chapman & Hall/CRC Computational Science Series, CRC Press, London, New York, 2010, 363 pp.
This book is meant to provide an introduction to computational physics to students in plasma physics and related disciplines. We present most of the basic concepts needed for numerical solution of partial differential equations. Besides numerical stability and accuracy, we go into many of the algorithms used today in enough depth to be able to analyze their stability, efficiency, and scaling properties. We attempt to thereby provide an introduction to and working knowledge of most of the algorithms presently in use by the plasma physics community, and hope that this and the references can point the way to more advanced study for those interested in pursuing such endeavors.
List of Symbols.
Introduction to Magnetohydrodynamic Equations.
Introduction to Finite Difference Equations.
Finite Difference Methods for Elliptic Equations.
Plasma Equilibrium.
Magnetic Flux CoordinatesinaTorus.
Diffusion and Transport in Axisymmetric Geometry.
Numerical Methods for Parabolic Equations.
Methods of Ideal MHD Stability Analysis.
Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic Equations.
Spectral Methods for Initial Value Problems.
The Finite Element Method.
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