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Emblemsvåg J. (Ed.) Risk Management for the Future: Theory and Cases

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Emblemsvåg J. (Ed.) Risk Management for the Future: Theory and Cases
InTeO – 2012, 510 pages
ISBN: 9535105718, 9789535105718
Here is a book that goes beyond risk management as it is today and tries to discuss what needs to be improved further. The book also offers some cases.
A large part of academic literature, business literature as well as practices in real life are resting on the assumption that uncertainty and risk does not exist.
We all know that this is not true, yet, a whole variety of methods, tools and practices are not attuned to the fact that the future is uncertain and that risks are all around us. However, despite risk management entering the agenda some decades ago, it has introduced risks on its own as illustrated by the financial crisis.
Section I Health, Safety and the Environment
Current Trends and Future Developments in Occupational Health and Safety Risk Management
Hazard Matrix Application in Health. Safety and Environmental Management Risk Evaluation
The Deterministic and Stochastic Risk Assessment Techniques in the Work Sites: A FTA-TRF Case Study
Health Technology Assessment: An Essential Approach to Guide Clinical Governance Choices on Risk Management
Preventing Societal Health Risks Emerging in the Development Of Nanomedicine - What Should Prevail?
Post-Operative Residual Curarization (PORC): A Big Issue for Patients' Safety
Risk Assessment On-Scene
Section II Engineering
Uncertainties and Risk Analysis Related to Geohazards: From Practical Applications to Research Trends
A Monte Carlo Simulation and Fuzzy Delphi-Based Approach to Valuing Real Options in Engineering Fields
Fire Analysis and Production of Fire Risk Maps: The Trabzon Experience
Flood Risk Management in Rivers and Torrents
Analysis of Historical River Floods - A Contribution Towards Modern Flood Risk Management
Section III Information Management
Understanding Components of IT Risks and Enterprise Risk Management
Enterprise Cyber Risk Management
Trust in an Asynchronous World: Can We Build More Secure Infrastructure?
Adopting and Adapting Medical Approach in Risk Management Process for Analysing Information Security Risk
Section IV Finance and Economics
Risk, Return and Market Condition: From a Three-Beta to a Functional-Beta Capital Asset Pricing Model
Linking U.S. CDS Indexes with the U.S. Stock Market: A Multidimensional Analysis with the Market Price and Market Volatility Channels
Financial Risks: Cases Of Non-Financial Enterprises
Supply Chain Risk Management in the Electronics Industry
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