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Yang X.-Sh. Mathematical Modelling for Earth Sciences

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Yang X.-Sh. Mathematical Modelling for Earth Sciences
Dunedin Academic Press ltd, 2008, 310 pages, ISBN: 1903765927
Mathematical modelling and computer simulations are an essential part of the analytical toolset used by earth scientists. Computer simulations based on mathematical models are routinely used to study geophysical, environmental, and geological processes in many areas of work and research from geophysics to petroleum engineering and from hydrology to environmental fluid dynamics. Author Xin-She Yang has carefully selected the topics which will be of most value to students. Dr. Yang has recognized the need to be careful in his examples while being comprehensive enough to include important topics and popular algorithms. The book is designed to be 'theorem-free' while balancing formality and practicality. Using worked examples and tackling each problem in a step-by-step manner, the text is especially suitable for more advanced students of this aspect of earth sciences. The coverage and level, for instance in the calculus of variation and pattern formation, will be of interest to mathematicians.
Mathematical Methods
Mathematical Modelling
Calculus and Complex Variables
Vectors and Matrices
ODEs and Integral Transforms
PDEs and Solution Techniques
Calculus of Variations

Numerical Algorithms
Numerical Integration
Finite Difference Method
Finite Volume Method
Finite Element Method
Applications to Earth Sciences
Reaction-Diffusion System
Elasticity and Poroelasticity
Flow in Porous Media
Mathematical Formulae
Matlab and Octave Programs
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