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Smolke Christina D. (ed.) The Metabolic Pathway Engineering Handbook. Volume 1. Fundamentals

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Smolke Christina D. (ed.) The Metabolic Pathway Engineering Handbook. Volume 1. Fundamentals
CRC Press, 2010. — 680 p.
This first volume of the Metabolic Pathway Engineering Handbook provides an overview of metabolic pathway engineering with a look towards the future. It discusses cellular metabolism, including transport processes inside the cell and energy generating reactions, as well as rare metabolic conversions. This volume also explores balances and reaction models, the regulation of metabolic pathways, and genome scale and multiscale modeling tools. It also covers developing appropriate hosts for metabolic engineering including the use of Escherichia coli, yeast, Bacillus Subtilis, Streptomyces, filamentous fungi, and mammalian cells using cell culture.
Christine Smolke, who recently developed a novel way to churn out large quantities of drugs from genetically modified brewer’s yeast, is regarded as one of the most brilliant new minds in biomedical engineering. In this handbook, she brings together pioneering scientists from dozens of disciplines to provide a complete record of accomplishment in metabolic pathway engineering. With a wealth of cutting edge research and analysis, this work also serves as an invaluable resource for those seeking to add their own contributions.
Cellular metabolism
Balances and reaction models
Bacterial transcriptional regulation of metabolism
Modeling tools for metabolic engineering
Developing appropriate hosts for metabolic engineering
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