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Baukal Charles E. Jr. Heat Transfer in Industrial Combustion

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Baukal Charles E. Jr. Heat Transfer in Industrial Combustion
CRC Press, 2000. 526 p. — ISBN:0849316995
Stresses aspects of heat transfer pertinent to industrial applications, rather than theory and mathematics
Includes coverage of flame impingement, including experimentation, measurement, and solutions to these kinds of problems
Details the use of oxygen to enhance the combustion process
Collects into one volume material from heat transfer, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics
Includes over 100 tables for access to readily usable data for performing calculations
Presents many illustrations to aid understanding
Contains over 1,000 references and lists appropriate sources at the conclusion of each chapter for further information
Includes worked examples to show students how to apply the equations
Industry relies heavily on the combustion process. The already high demand for energy, primarily from combustion, is expected to continue to rapidly increase. Yet, the information is scattered and incomplete, with very little attention paid to the overall combustion system. Designed for practicing engineers, Heat Transfer in Industrial Combustion eclipses the extant literature with an emphasis on the aspects of heat transfer that directly apply to industry.
From a practical point of view, the editor organizes relevant papers into a single, coherent resource. The book encompasses heat transfer, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics, including the little-covered subjects of the use of oxygen to enhance combustion and flame impingement. Maximizing applications and minimizing theory, it covers modes of heat transfer, computer modeling, heat transfer from flame impingement, from burners, low temperature, high temperature, and advanced applications, and more.
The theoretical focus of most literature has created a clear need for a practical treatment of the heat transfer as it applies to industrial combustion systems. With detailed coverage and extensive references, Heat Transfer in Industrial Combustion fills this void.
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