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Frolov V. Two-dimensional Model of a Potential Flow About the Body with Blowing on its Surface

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Frolov V. Two-dimensional Model of a Potential Flow About the Body with Blowing on its Surface
Scientific paper //Second International Summer Scientific School "High Speed Hydrodynamics", June 2004, Cheboksary, Russia. P.233-237.
This paper presents a solution for flow around a body in presence of a blowing of a fluid on its surface. It is supposed, that a medium in which the moving body and blowing fluid is homogeneous and equal. The potential model of ideal flow, which is implemented by a numerical panel method, is used. Statement of a problem is reduced to the solution of Laplace equation with boundary conditions at infinity and on surface of the body. For the solution of problem, the numerical panel method with distributed sources on boundary elements is used. Boundary conditions are satisfied in control points (points of collocations), which are taken in the middle of each panel. In control points on the surface of the body where there is no blowing, boundary conditions of zero normal velocity is satisfied, and at the part of the surface where blowing takes place, local speed of flow is equal to blowing velocity. Such statement of problem results in a system of linear algebraic equations in which unknown variables are intensity of the distributed sources. On the obtained values of intensities of the distributed sources the components of velocity in any point of computational domain, including border are calculated. The flow patterns built based on an integration of streamlines are in process shown. Pressure profile on a surface of a body is obtained based on the Bernoulli's relation of an incompressible flow.
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