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Meirovitch L. Fundamentals of Vibrations

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Meirovitch L. Fundamentals of Vibrations
McGraw-Hill, 2001, 806 pages, ISBN: 0070413452
Intended for introductory vibrations courses, Meirovitch offers a masterfully crafted textbook that covers all basic concepts at a level appropriate for undergraduate students. The book contains a chapter on the use of Finite Element Methods in vibrational analysis. Meirovitch uses selective worked examples to show the application of MATLAB software in this course. The author’s approach challenges students with a precise and thoughtful explanations and motivates them through use of physical explanations, plentiful problems, worked-out examples, and illustrations.
Defining all basic concepts in mechanical vibrations, this masterfully crafted book covers it all - perfect for those with a limited background in the field
Contains a chapter on the Finite Element Method - an important computer analysis tool in engineering - and appendices that provide a working knowledge of Fourth Series, Laplace transformation, and linear algebra
Loaded with concept-clarifying examples and illustrations, 14 of which utilize MATLAB software
Concepts from Vibrations
Response of Single-Degree-of-Freedom Systems to Harmonic and Periodic Excitations
Response of Single-Degree-of-Freedom Systems to Nonperiodic Excitations
Two-Degree-of-Freedom Systems
Elements of Analytical Dynamics
Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Systems
Distributed-Parameter Systems: Exact Solutions
Distributed-Parameter Systems: Approximate Methods
The Finite Element Method
Nonlinear Oscillations
Random Vibrations
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