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Ingard U. Notes on Acoustics

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Ingard U. Notes on Acoustics
Infinity Science Press LLC, 2008, 436 pages, ISBN: 1934015083.
Written by a noted authority in the subject area, this book is a comprehensive study of the theory and practical application of acoustics to numerous fields. It may be used as a reference by scientists and engineers or as a senior-undergraduate or graduate-level course. Several of the chapters include notes and numerical results from the author s involvement in specific projects, and contain hitherto unpublished material. Items in this category are aero-acoustic instabilities, flow interaction with acoustic resonators, sound propagation in the atmosphere, sound generation by fans, aspects of nonlinear acoustics, the analysis of an oscillator with dry friction, and a discussion of the frequency response of the ear.
Sound Waves.
Sound Reflection, Absorption, and Transmission.
The Wave Equation.
Room and Duct Acoustics.
Flow-induced Sound and Instabilities.
Sound Generation by Fans.
Atmospheric Acoustics.
Mean-flow Effects and Nonlinear Acoustics.
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