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Jones S.A. (Ed.) Advanced Methods for Practical Applications in Fluid Mechanics

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Jones S.A. (Ed.) Advanced Methods for Practical Applications in Fluid Mechanics
InTeсh, 2012, 241 pages, ISBN: 9535102410 9789535102410
Central to this book are two ideas. The first is that Fluid Mechanics is relevant to a wide variety of problems that are priorities in the early 21st century, three of which are health, the environment, and energy. The second idea is that researchers in this field are applying novel methods to address these problems. Even on its most basic level, Fluid Mechanics is challenging. Only in limited cases, for example, can the nonlinearities of the Navier-Stokes.
General Fluid Mechanical Methods.
Overview on Stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry.
Illustrative Applications.
Two-Dimensional Supersonic Flow with Perpendicular Injection of the Gas.
Advances in Classical Approaches.
Modification of the Charnock Wind Stress Formula to Include the Effects of Free Convection and Swell.
Dynamically Incompressible Flow.
Parallel Accelerated Group Iterative Algorithms in the Solution of Two-Space Dimensional Diffusion Equations.
An Idealised Biphasic Poroelastic Finite Element Model of a Tibial Fracture.
Radial Basis Functions Methods for Solving Radionuclide Migration. Phase Change and Wood Charring Problems.
Simulation of Acoustic Sound Produced by Interaction Between Vortices and Arbitrarily Shaped Body in Multi-Dimensional Flows by the Vortex Method.
Non-Classical Approaches.
Multiscale Particle-ln-Cell Method: From Fluid to Solid Mechanics.
Topology Optimization of Fluid Mechanics Problems.
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