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Mathur V.S., Singh S. Concepts in Quantum Mechanics

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Mathur V.S., Singh S. Concepts in Quantum Mechanics
Chapman & Hall/CRC, Taylor & Francis Group, 2009, 591 pages, ISBN: 1420078720
Taking a conceptual approach to the subject, Concepts in Quantum Mechanics provides complete coverage of both basic and advanced topics. Following in the footsteps of Dirac’s classic work Principles of Quantum Mechanics, it explains all themes from first principles.
The authors present alternative ways of representing the state of a physical system, outline the mathematical connection between the representatives of the same state in different representations, and highlight the connection between Dirac brackets and their integral forms in the coordinate and momentum representations. They also logically develop the equations of motion in Schrödinger and Heisenberg pictures. In addition, the book covers motion in the presence of potential steps and wells, bound state problems, symmetries and their consequences, the role of angular momentum in quantum mechanics, approximation methods, time-dependent perturbation methods, and second quantization.
Written by authoritative professors who have taught quantum mechanics at the graduate level for a combined forty years, this textbook provides students with a strong foundation in quantum mechanics. After reading the book, students will be ready to take on quantum field theory.
Develops equations of motion, including the Schrödinger equation
Discusses the three-body problem, highlighting the essential unity in the approaches of Eyges, Mitra, Faddeev and Alt, Grassberger, and Sandhas
Explores applications of the quantization of radiation fields to Rayleigh, Thomson, Raman, resonant, and Compton scattering processes
Describes the concept of fields and the derivation of field equations from Lagrangian density
Outlines the Feynman rules for writing out the transition matrix elements from Feynman graphs
Includes several end-of-chapter appendices that present special concepts and mathematical techniques needed to understand certain topics, such as special relativity
Contains numerous problems at the end of each chapter
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