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Popovic R.S. Hall Effect Devices

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Popovic R.S. Hall Effect Devices
2nd Edition. Series in Sensors. IOP Publishing 2004, 420 pages
This is the second edition of a very popular 1991 book describing the physics and technology of semiconductor electronic devices exploiting the Hall effect. These are magnetic field sensitive devices such as Hall elements, magnetoresistors, and magnetotransistors. Hall effect devices are commonly used as magnetic field sensors and as means for characterizing semiconductors.
The book provides a clear analysis of the relationship between the basic physical phenomena in solids, the appropriate materials characteristics, and the characteristics of Hall effect devices. Particular emphasis is placed on important developments inspired and made possible by recent advances in microelectronics.
A special feature of the book is its broad scope. The book provides physical basics of Hall effect devices, clear guidelines for the design of practical Hall elements, detailed descriptions of the best interface electronic circuits, examples of the most successful industrial products in the field, and interesting examples of their applications.
Semiconductor physics: a summary
Galvanomagnetic effects
Hall plates and magnetoresistors. Basic properties
Hall magnetic sensors
Hall devices as means for characterizing semiconductors
Magnetic-sensitive field-effect and bipolar devices
Comparing Hall sensors with other galvanomagnetic sensors
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