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O'Malley R.E. Introduction to Singular Perturbations

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O'Malley R.E. Introduction to Singular Perturbations
Academic Press, 1974. - 206 Pages.
Through this book the reader will become acquainted with certain fundamental techniques for obtaining asymptotic solutions to boundary value problems. It is intended for engineers and applied mathematicians, students of these disciplines, and others interested in the topic. It does not suppose many mathematical prerequisites.
Some knowledge of ordinary differential equations, linear algebra, and basic analysis is expected, however, as well as a belief in the inherent usefulness of the subject in important applications. Topics covered are restricted partly by the experiences of the author and partly because it is his intention not to be too technical. Notably absent is any discussion of partial differential equations and of problems in unbounded domains. Without doubt, the underlying philosophy and methodology expressed here carries over with some modification to these and many other related areas of asymptotic analysis.
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