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Ramanarasimham Parimi. An Intensive Course in Telugu (Unit 1)

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Ramanarasimham Parimi. An Intensive Course in Telugu (Unit 1)
Publisher: Central Institute of Indian Languages
Date: 2006
Pages: 36+131
ISBN: 8173421625, ISBN13: 9788173421624.
The Central Institute of Indian Languages was established at Mysore on 17th July 1969 with a primary objective of fulfilling the Government of India's resolution that envisaged a set of concrete measures for the development of the major languages of India. As an important step in this direction, the institute offers - through its seven Regional Language Centers (RLCs) located in different parts of the country - an intensive teaching programme in second language instruction for most languages in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution. The Regional Language Centres were set up in order to help and meet the demand for trained teachers and implement the Institute's goal of developing the major Indian Languages at the school level teaching. This was also planned as a part of the three language formula and the assurances given to linguistic minorities. It is needless to say that instruction in four Dravidian languages at the Southern Regional Language Centre at Mysore occupies a pride of place in this scheme. It has always had an excellent faculty and leadership in this matter. This Southern centre naturally attracts a large number of teachers who spend 10 months every year to take the course. Besides the RLC activities, the Institute is also charged with the responsibility of conducting research on all the minor and lesser-known as well as endangered languages of India to bring out grammars, dictionaries, style manuals, standardized writing and spelling patterns, language pedagogy materials and language technology tools for such languages.
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