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Arden Albert Henry. A Progressive Grammar of the Telugu Language (Second Edition)

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Arden Albert Henry. A Progressive Grammar of the Telugu Language (Second Edition)
Publisher: Madras
Date: 1905
Pages: 416
A Progressive Grammar Of The Telugu Language: With Copious Examples And Exercises.
In offering this book to the public, the Author is far from undervaluing the Telugu works, which have been already published with a similar object. The student of Telugu must ever feel specially grateful to Mr. C. P. Brown, by whose efforts so much has been done to bring the language into its present position, and to render it accessible to Europeans. The Author, however, believes that its acquisition may be accelerated by the system pursued in this book, in which it has been his endeavour, not merely to give information, but to arrange it in such a manner, as to enable the student to master it with ease and rapidity.
The early portions of the book will be found specially suited for beginners, as they are based upon papers, which were drawn up by the Author, when he himself was commencing the study of Telugu. These papers were carefully corrected and improved by the late Rev. J. E. Sharkey, one of the best Telugu scholars of the day. Hence k\\ those difficulties, with which a beginner is usually perplexed, have, it is hoped, been met and explained.
Throughout the book, the great effort of the Author has been, to lead the student on step by step, giving such information only as is positively required, at the stage at which the student has arrived. The special feature, therefore, of the book is intended to be its progressive character. The endeavour to make the book essentially progressive, whilst it greatly accelerates the acquisition of the language, must at the same time be pleaded as an excuse for any peculiarity of arrangement, which may at first Bight strike the reader as somewhat complicated.
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