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Dominguez J. Boundary Elements in Dynamics

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Dominguez J. Boundary Elements in Dynamics
Computational Mechanics Publications, Southampton Boston + Elsevier Applied Science, London, 1993, 689 pages, ISBN 1-85S61-021-4
This book is a development of the author's involvement in the field of Boundary Elements (B.E.), and of Boundary Elements in dynamics in particular, over a period of sixteen years. The intent is for it to summarize the current state of the Boundary Element Method (BEM) in dynamics of continua. The main emphasis is on the development of the different B.E. formulations for time-dependent problems and the necessary mathematical transformations to produce computer codes which are able to solve scalar, elastic and poroelastic wave propagation problems. Nevertheless, there is also a substantial part of the book which covers the application of the BEM; to important engineering problems in dynamics. The mathematics involved in the book has been developed to the necessary degree to make it as self-contained as possible. Readers with almost no background in B.E. or in dynamics should be able to follow the text.
The book has been written with a dual purpose. The intent is for it to be not only a reference book for researchers and engineers, but also a book from which scientists, graduate students and practising engineers can learn in detail the formulation, implementation and practical applications of the BEM in dynamics. The book could serve as a text to a course on Boundary Elements in Dynamics or as a supplement to other books in a more general course.
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