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D'Emilio E., Picasso L.E. Problems in Quantum Mechanics: with Solutions

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D'Emilio E., Picasso L.E. Problems in Quantum Mechanics: with Solutions
Springer-Verlag Italia, 2011, 354 pages, ISBN: 884702305X
242 solved problems of several degrees of difficulty in nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanics, ranging from the themes of the crisis of classical physics, through the achievements in the framework of modern atomic physics, down to the still alive, more intriguing aspects connected e.g. with the EPR paradox, the Aharonov-Bohm effect, quantum teleportation.
This book stems from the experience the authors acquired by teaching Quantum Mechanics over more than two decades. The necessity of providing students with abundant and understandable didactic material – i.e. exercises and problems good for testing in real time and day by day their comprehension and mastery of the subject – confronted the authors with the necessity of adapting and reformulating the vast number of problems available from the final examinations given in previous years. Indeed those problems, precisely because they were formulated as final exam problems, were written in a language appropriate for the student who is already a good step ahead in his preparation, not for the student that, instead, is still in the middle of the thing.
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