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Microwave Journal 2012 №02

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Microwave Journal 2012 №02
Conformal 2D/3D Wireless Modules Utilizing Inkjet Printing and Nanotechnology
Manos M. Tentzeris, Rushi Vyas, Vasileios Lakafosis, Taoran Le, Amin Rida and Sankil Kim, School of ECE, Georgia Tech. In-depth look at fully-integrated conformal wireless sensor modules on paper or flexible LCP, as well as numerous 3D multilayer paper-based and LCP-based RF/microwave structures that could potentially set the foundation for convergent wireless sensor ad-hoc networks of the future
High-Speed DAC and ADC Family
Texas Instruments. Introduction to TI’s new quad, 16-bit DACs and direct RF sampling ADCs
3D LDS Components for New Production Opportunities
LPKF Laser & Electronics AG. Nils Heininger, Vice President Electronics Production Equipment at LPKF, provides insight into the company’s Laser Direct Structuring technology for efficient production of 3D Molded Interconnect Devices
Proper Stack-Up in a Multilayer PCB to Reduce Noise Coupling and Improve EMI
Antonio Ciccomancini Scogna, CST of America, and Jianmin Zhang, CISCO Systems. Investigates the effect of noise propagation in a multilayer PCB, due to the close proximity of two PWR planes and provides an overview on the design of the power bus location on multilayer PCBs
RF Characteristics of a Short Wavelength Comb-Type Capacitive Transmission Line on MMICs
Jang-Hyeon Jeong, Young Yun, Hong-Seung Kim and Nak-Won Jang, Korea Maritime University, and Yunju Baek, Pusan National University. Details the basic characteristics of the comb-type capacitive transmission line structure for the development of miniaturized on-chip passive components
MIMO Beamforming and Its Impact on Testing TD-LTE
Kang Chen, Spirent Communications. Introduction to MIMO beamforming in TD-LTE networks highlighting current challenges and an effective test solution
Square Coaxial Lines and Materials Measurements
Nickander J. Damaskos, Benuel J. Kelsall and James E. Powell, Jr., Damaskos Inc. Presents square coaxial lines that are employed to make material properties measurements and comparisons to the use of the more familiar circular coaxial lines
A Portable USB-Controlled 2.45 GHz, 100 W Generator
Emblation Microwave. Introduction to a small high power microwave generator meeting the need for portable and compact laboratory equipment
DC to 28 GHz GaAs MMIC SPDT Switch
Hittite Microwave Corp. Introduction to wideband, single pole double throw switches that are ideal for demanding applications
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