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Microwave Journal 2012 №01

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Microwave Journal 2012 №01
Microwave Journal 2.0
Carl Sheffres, Microwave Journal Publisher. A brief look at what is in store for MWJ in 2012
DesignCon Heroes
David Vye, Microwave Journal Editor. Comparison of an RF/microwave engineer versus an SI engineer and how both stand to benefit from the upcoming DesignCon show
21st Century Radar: Challenges and Opportunities
Ian Dunn, Mercury Computer Systems. Presents current challenges and provides insight into new radar technologies covering the latest developments in FPGAs, ADCs/DACs and RF/microwave front-ends
40 W PIM Analyzer Provides More Accurate Analysis
Anritsu Co. Introduction to Anritsu’s newest analyzer designed to support the 900 MHz band while addressing the growing need to measure PIM in E-GSM networks
Beyond Next Generation Mobile Broadband: BuNGee
Cobham Antennas, on behalf of the BuNGee Project Consortium. Design of a multi-beam antenna to be deployed in the BuNGee communications project using dual polar, beam forming technology
Advances in Radar Simulation Design
Lawrence Williams, Matthew Commens and Steve Rousselle, ANSYS Inc. Details advances in modern radar systems simulation methods to solve electrically large full-wave models using hybrid techniques
A Dual-Band 3 dB Coupled Line Tandem Hybrid Coupler
Alex D. Lapidus, L-3 Communications, Narda Microwave West. Design of a stripline based dual-band 3 dB tandem hybrid coupler employing a minimal number of coupled transmission line elements
Ultra-Compact On-Chip RF Divider Circuit Employs a PAGS Structure
Jeong-Gab Ju, Young Yun, Young-Bae Park and Suk-Youb Kang, Korea Maritime University. Design of a highly miniaturized on-chip Wilkinson power divider on a silicon RFIC, using a coplanar waveguide employing a PAGS structure
Double Notched Bandpass Filter Achieves UWB Performance
Mohsen Hayati and Azadeh Khajavi, Razi University. Presents a microstrip structure for double controllable notched bands implementation in a UWB bandpass filter
The Importance of Peak Power Measurements for Radar Systems
Bob Muro, Wireless Telecom Group. Reviews important power measurements for radar and presents an improved peak power meter system
GaN Switches Enable Hot Switching at Higher Power
RFMD. Introduction to a family of GaN HEMT-based switches that simultaneously offer higher power handling and ruggedness as well as low control current requirements
Robust Antenna Solutions for Maritime Surveillance Radar
Aselsan. Introduction to a family of naval surveillance radars with individually developed antennas tailored to provide excellent system performance
Tech Brief
Hittite Microwave Corp. 8 to 23 GHz, 500° Time Delay/Phase Shifter
Mercury Computer Systems Inc. 16 GHz Digital Frequency Discriminator with Phase Detection
X-COM Systems. 6 GHz Instantaneous BW RF Record and Playback System
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