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Gaunt J., Bayarmandakh L. Modern Mongolian. A Course-book (audio)

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Gaunt J., Bayarmandakh L. Modern Mongolian. A Course-book (audio)
Routledge, 2004. 269 p.
Audio: 320 kb/s
Languages: english/mongolian
ISBN: 0700713263/0415315123
This complete guide to the Mongolian language provides a basic knowledge of all Mongolian noun inflexions and the basic and most important verbal inflections, and the uses of these. Grammatical concepts are introduced at the beginning of each chapter and discussed, with further examples, in a grammar section. Each chapter is accompanied by a list of new vocabulary items. A complete vocabulary list, English-Mongolian and Mongolian-English, is given at the end of the book, as is a list of all the Mongolian terminations, inflexions and stems that appear in the book.
At the back of the book is a vocabulary list and a key to the drills and exercises. These enable the book to be used by those studying by themselves. However, it should be said that the book was first written as teaching material, for classroom use. This book is not an exhaustive grammar. It is intended to give the basic building blocks of the Mongolian language so that students will have a secure foundation on which to expand their knowledge of the language through practical use. It is our intention to provide explanations that are clear, concise and understandable, without avoiding the use of some necessary grammatical terms.
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