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Thrush Abigail., Hartshorne Timothy. Peripheral Vascular Ultrasound. How, Why and when

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Thrush Abigail., Hartshorne Timothy. Peripheral Vascular Ultrasound. How, Why and when
Elsevier Science. 2005., 244 р. Vascular ultrasound is a speciality in its own right
and vascular surgeons are becoming increasingly dependent on the skills of vascular sonographers for the investigation of patients suffering from peripheral
vascular disease. This book aims to provide an understanding of the principles and practice of vascular ultrasound.
An introduction to some of the basic theory behind the science and technology of ultrasound is
included. This will help sonographers to understand the function of scanner controls and enable them to obtain optimal images and Doppler recordings.
B-mode imaging, color flow and spectral Doppler images are all prone to artefacts, and it is essential
that their presence be recognized. The potential Preface vii sources of errors in any measurements made by ultrasound should be understood. Specific disorders
of the arterial and venous systems are covered, and the techniques for diagnosing these problems are described. Examples of normal and abnormal images and Doppler recordings are included and
the interpretation of these discussed. British readers please note that the publishers have used American spelling in this edition.
We hope this book will serve as a useful reference to sonographers new to this field.
The book aims to describe the basic scientific principles of ultrasound and blood flow. The content covers interpretation of color images and Doppler spectra; optimisation of scanner controls; description of vascular disorders; carotid duplex ultrasound; lower and upper limb arterial and venous assessment; ultrasound assessment of aneurysms; graft surveilance and pre-operative vein marking; providing a vascular ultrasound service; well-illustrated including image montages; step by step guide of scanning techniques. The new edition will contain updates on new technology, including harmonic imaging, compound imaging and safety. The clinical chapters will be updated and include current criteria for grading disease. The surveillance of endovascular aneurysm repairs will be added. Many of the images will be updated.
Ultrasound and imaging
Doppler ultrasound
Creation of a color flow image
Blood flow and its appearance on color flow imaging
Factors that influence the Doppler spectrum
Optimizing the scan
Ultrasound assessment of the extracranial cerebral circulation
Duplex assessment of lower limb arterial disease
Duplex assessment of upper extremity arterial disease
Duplex assessment of aneurysms
Anatomy of the lower limb venous system and assessment of venous insufficiency
Duplex assessment of deep venous thrombosis and upper limb venous disorders
Graft surveillance and preoperative vein mapping for bypass surgery
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