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Haupt R.L. Antenna arrays: A Computational Approach

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Haupt R.L. Antenna arrays: A Computational Approach
Wiley-IEEE Press, 2010. — 534 p. — ISBN-10: 0470407751. — ISBN-13: 978-0470407752.
This book is intended to be a tutorial on antenna arrays. Each chapter builds upon the previous chapter and progressively addresses more difficult subject material. The many pictures and examples introduce the reader to practical applications.
The book starts with some electromagnetics/antennas/antenna systems information that is relevant to the other eight chapters. The next two chapters deal with the analysis and synthesis of arrays of point sources and their associated array factors. These chapters would be useful for acoustic sensors as well as electromagnetic sensors. Chapter 4 presents a sampling of different kinds of elements that replace the point sources of the previous two chapters. The next chapter shows that the elements do not have to lie along a line or in a plane. Antenna elements may lie conformal to a surface or be distributed in space. Chapter 6 introduces mutual coupling where the elements radiate and receive electromagnetic waves, so they interact. These interactions are extremely complex and difficult to predict. Computer modeling and experiments are needed to predict the performance of arrays where mutual coupling is important. Chapter 7 introduces many different approaches to getting signals to and from the array elements to a computer where the signal detection takes place. Finally, the various numerical techniques behind smart antennas are introduced in Chapter 8.
This book emphasizes the computational methods used in the design and analysis of array antennas.
Antenna Array Basics.
History of Antenna Arrays.
Electromagnetics for Array Analysis.
Solving for Electromagnetic Fields.
Antenna Models.
Antenna Array Applications.
Organization and Overview.
Array Factor Analysis.
The Array Factor.
Uniform Arrays.
Fourier Analysis of Linear Arrays.
Fourier Analysis of Planar Arrays.
Array Bandwidth.
Amplitude Tapers.
z Transform of the Array Factor.
Circular Arrays.
Direction Finding Arrays.
Fractal Arrays.
Linear and Planar Array Factor Synthesis.
Synthesis of Amplitude and Phase Tapers.
Analytical Synthesis of Amplitude Tapers.
Numerical Synthesis of Low-Sidelobe Tapers.
Aperiodic Arrays.
Low-Sidelobe Phase Taper.
Suppressing Grating Lobes Due to Subarray Weighting.
Plane Wave Projection.
Interleaved Arrays.
Null Synthesis.
Array Factors and Element Patterns.
Pattern Multiplication.
Wire Antennas.
Aperture Antennas.
Patch Antennas.
Broadband Antennas.
Nonplanar Arrays.
Arrays with Multiple Planar Faces.
Arrays on Singly Curved Surfaces.
Arrays Conformal to Doubly Curved Surfaces.
Distributed Array Beamforming.
Time-Varying Arrays.
Mutual Coupling.
Mutual Impedance.
Coupling Between Two Dipoles.
Method of Moments.
Mutual Coupling in Finite Arrays.
Infinite Arrays.
Large Arrays.
Array Blindness and Scanning.
Mutual Coupling Reduction/Compensation.
Array Beamforming Networks.
Transmission Lines.
S Parameters.
Matching Circuits.
Corporate and Series Feeds.
Slotted Waveguide Arrays.
Blass Matrix.
Butler Matrix.
Refl ectarray.
Array Feeds for Refl ectors.
Array Feeds for Horn Antennas.
Phase Shifters.
Transmit/Receive Modules.
Digital Beamforming.
Neural Beamforming.
Smart Arrays.
Retrodirective Arrays.
Array Signals and Noise.
Direction of Arrival Estimation.
Adaptive Nulling.
Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) System.
Reconfigurable Arrays.
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