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Kitaigorodskii A.I. I Am a Physicist

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Kitaigorodskii A.I. I Am a Physicist
Mir Publishers, 1971, 214 Pages, ISBN: 0714710164
Professor Alexander Kitaigorodsky, Doctor of Science in physics and mathematics, is well known not only among his professional colleagues but to a wide circle of readers as well, for he is an ardent popularizer of science.
In I Am a Physicist, Prof. Kitaigorodsky takes up a difficult but worthwhile task: that of introducing the young reader to the world of science and showing the world surrounding him through the eyes of a physicist. He has succeeded remarkably in this endeavour. A scientist in love with his profession, he conveys the complexity of the problems faced by contemporary physics, the intensity of scientific quest and the excitement involved in it with flare and imagination.
Ways and Goals
A Discoarse on the Use of Science
We Are Not on an Uninhabited Island
We Have a Colloquium Today
The Doors to Science
Some History
The First Attack on Common Sense
The Present Day
Physicists Engage in Science
Broad Is Your Road
Physicists and Lyricists
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