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Klein A., Godunov A. Introductory Computational Physics

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Klein A., Godunov A. Introductory Computational Physics
Cambridge University Press, 2006, 137 pages, ISBN-13 978-0-521-53562-5
Computers are one of the most important tools available to physicists, whether for calculating and displaying results, simulating experiments, or solving complex systems of equations. Introducing students to computational physics, this textbook reveals how to use computers to solve mathematical problems in physics and teaches students about choosing different numerical approaches. It also introduces students to many of the programs and packages available. The book relies solely on free software: the operating system chosen is Linux, which comes with an excellent C++ compiler, and the graphical interface is the ROOT package available for free from CERN. This up-to-date, broad scope textbook is suitable for undergraduates starting on computational physics courses. It includes exercises and many examples of programs.
Short introduction to Linux
Taking derivatives
Numerical integration
Solution of nonlinear equations
Differential equations
Random processes and Monte Carlo simulation
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