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Thal Lilli. Mimus. Audiobook 3/4

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Роман немецкой писательницы Лилли Таль на английском языке читает Максвелл Колфилд. Без сокращений. Общая продолжительность 11 часов. Лилли Таль начала писать в 2002 году и уже получила несколько наград за лучшие книги для юношества.
Mimus: War has cast its cold shadow over the kingdom of Moltovia, but finally, peace appears to be at hand. Prince Florin races to join his father at the joyous banquet in the court of their former enemy, but is greeted by betrayal. Spared the dungeon that is the fate of his father and his loyal followers, he is enslaved as a lowly apprentice to the spiteful and wily court jester, Mimus. Florin despairs. How can he, a mere boy, save his father, his kingdom, and his own life?
German-born in 1960, Thal was educated in medieval history, information technology, and multimedia before beginning her freelance writing career in 2002. That same year she won the "Martin" award for the best children's mystery story and has continued earning prizes for her work. Thal lives and works from her home in Germany.
Audio book, unabridged. Language: English.
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