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Collin R.E. Foundations for microwave engineering

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Collin R.E. Foundations for microwave engineering
2nd ed. — IEEE Press - Wiley, 2001. — 924 p. — ISBN 0-7803-6031-1.
This book includes extensive coverage of transmission lines, waveguides, microwave circuit theory, impedance matching and cavity resonators. It devotes an entire chapter to fundamental microwave tubes, in addition to chapters on periodic structures, microwave filters, small signal solid-state microwave amplifier and oscillator design, and negative resistance devices and circuits.
Its presentation defines the accepted standard for both advanced undergraduate and graduate level courses on microwave engineering. An essential reference book for the practicing microwave engineer, it features:
Planar transmission lines, as well as an appendix that describes in detail conformal mapping methods for their analysis and attenuation characteristics
Small aperture coupling and its application in practical components such as directional couplers and cavity coupling
Printed circuit components with an emphasis on techniques such as even and odd mode analysis and the use of symmetry properties
Microwave linear amplifier and oscillator design using solid-state circuits such as varactor devices and transistors
Electromagnetic Theory
Transmission Lines And Waveguides
Circuit Theory For Waveguiding Systems
Impedance Transformation And Matching
Passive Microwave Devices
Electromagnetic Resonators
Periodic Structures And Filters
Microwave Tubes
Solid-State Amplifiers
Parametric Amplifiers
Oscillators And Mixers
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