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Farookhi I. (Ed.) NHBC guide to renewable energy

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Farookhi I. (Ed.) NHBC guide to renewable energy
NHBC Technical, Amersham, UK, 2007, 18 pages
The UK government is calling for carbon dioxide emissions to be cut in order to address climate change and has identified housing as a sector that can make a significant contribution. The consultation document ’Building A Greener Future: Towards Zero Carbon Development’1 suggests challenging energy efficiency targets for new build homes, which will require the use of renewable energy technologies. Already, planning authorities are implementing the ’Merton Rule‘, requiring some of the energy demand in new developments to be met by renewable energy and the implementation of the Code for Sustainable Homes2 will give further encouragement. This guide, prepared with assistance from BRE, provides guidance to NHBC registered builders specifying or installing renewable energy technology.
It covers the most commonly used ‘microgeneration’ technologies:
Solar thermal (solar water heating systems)
Solar electric (photovoltaic)
Heat pumps (ground source and air source)
Wind turbines (small scale, building mounted)
Biomass (domestic biomass) heating systems.
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