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Cotaescu I.I. (Ed.) Advances in Quantum Theory

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Cotaescu I.I. (Ed.) Advances in Quantum Theory
InTech, 2012, 248 pages, ISBN: 9789535100874, 9535100874
The quantum theory is the first theoretical approach that helps one to successfully understand the atomic and sub-atomic worlds which are too far from the cognition based on the common intuition or the experience of the daily-life. This is a very coherent theory in which a good system of hypotheses and appropriate mathematical methods allow one to describe exactly the dynamics of the quantum systems whose measurements are systematically affected by objective uncertainties. Thanks to the quantum theory we are able now to use and control new quantum devices and technologies in quantum optics and lasers, quantum electronics and quantum computing or in the modern field of nano-technologies.
New Concepts in Quantum Theory
Quantum Theory as Universal Theory of Structures – Essentially from Cosmos to Consciousness
Effects on Quantum Physics of the Local Availability of Mathematics and Space Time Dependent Scaling Factors for Number Systems
Quantum Theory of Multi-Local Particle
Quantum Matter
Quantum Theory of Coherence and Polarization of Light
The Role of Quantum Dynamics in Covalent Bonding – A Comparison of the Thomas-Fermi and Hückel Models
Hydrogen Bonds and Stacking Interactions on the DNA Structure: A Topological View of Quantum Computing
Quantum Gravity
Quantum Fields on the de Sitter Expanding Universe
The Equivalence Theorem in the Generalized Gravity of f(R)-Type and Canonical Quantization
Gravitational Quantisation and Dark Matter
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