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Chatterjee S., Sarkar P. Identity-Based Encryption

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Chatterjee S., Sarkar P. Identity-Based Encryption
Springer, 2011. — 193 р. — ISBN:1441993827
Identity Based Encryption (IBE) is a type of public key encryption and has been intensely researched in the past decade. Identity-Based Encryption summarizes the available research for IBE and the main ideas that would enable users to pursue further work in this area. This book will also cover a brief background on Elliptic Curves and Pairings, security against chosen Cipher text Attacks, standards and more. Advanced-level students in computer science and mathematics who specialize in cryptology, and the general community of researchers in the area of cryptology and data security will find Identity-Based Encryption a useful book. Practitioners and engineers who work with real-world IBE schemes and need a proper understanding of the basic IBE techniques, will also find this book a valuable asset.
Definitions and Notations
A Brief Background on Elliptic Curves and Pairings
Boneh-Franklin IBE and its Variants
Selective-Identity Model
Security Against Adaptive Chosen Ciphertext Attacks
IBE in Adaptive-Identity ModelWithout Random Oracles
Further IBE Constructions
IBEWithout Pairing
Applications, Extensions and Related Primitives
Avoiding Key Escrow
Products and Standards
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