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Hanslmeier A. Water in the Universe

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Hanslmeier A. Water in the Universe
Springer Science+Business Media, 2011. — 239 p. — ISBN: 9048199832.
Due to its specific chemical and physical properties, water is essential for life on Earth. And it is assumed that this would be the case for extraterrestrial life as well. Therefore it is important to investigate where water can be found in the Universe. Although there are places that are completely dry, places where the last rainfall happened probably several 100 million years ago, surprisingly this substance is quite omnipresent. In the outer solar system the large satellites of Jupiter and Saturn are covered by a thick layer of ice that could be hiding a liquid ocean below. This of course brings up the question of whether the recently detected extrasolar planets could have some water on their surfaces and how we can detect this. Water molecules are also found in interstellar gas and dust clouds. This book begins with an introductory chapter reviewing the physical and chemical properties of water. Then it illuminates the apparent connection between water and life. This is followed by chapters dealing with our current knowledge of water in the solar system, followed by a discussion concerning the potential presence and possible detection of water on exoplanets. The signature of water in interstellar space and stars are reviewed before the origin of water in the Universe is finally discussed. The book ends with an appendix on detection methods, satellite missions and astrophysical concepts touched upon in the main parts of the book. The search for water in the Universe is related to the search for extraterrestrial life and is of fundamental importance for astrophysics, astrobiology and other related topics. This book therefore addresses students and researchers in these fields.
Water on Earth, Properties of Water

The Chemical Elements Water Consists
Water, Chemical and Physical Properties
Chemical Reactions and Water
The Hydrologic Cycle
Life and Water
Life and Environment
Water and Other Solvents
Energy for Life
Water on Planets and Dwarf Planets
Classification of Objects in the Solar System
Terrestrial Planets
Giant Planets
Dwarf Planets
Satellites of Planets in the Solar System
Galilean Satellites
Satellites of Saturn
Satellites of Uranus and Neptune
The Earth Moon
Water on Small Solar System Bodies
Clouds of Particles
Water on Extrasolar Planets
How to Detect Extrasolar Planets
Habitable Zones
Dust Debris Around Stars
Water Detection on Extrasolar Planets
Water in Interstellar Space and Stars
Water in Starforming Regions
Water Signatures in Spectra of Late Type Stars and the Sun
Water in Galaxies
Water-Where Does It Come
The Evolution of the Universe
Stellar Evolution
Massive Stars
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