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Foliart Gene R. De. Human Use of Insects as a Food Resource

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The Human Use of Insects as a Food Resource: A Bibliographic Account in Progress
[обзор насекомых, используемых в пищу]
все главы с сайта (http://www.food-insects.com/book7_31/ ) сведены в один файл и снабжены гиперссылками
Table of Contents
Introduction, The Western Hemisphere and Europe
Introduction (not yet written)
Insect Foods of North American Indigenous Populations North of Mexico
The Use of Insects as Food in Mexico
Central America and Caribbean Islands
South America: Overview
South America: Brazil
South America: Colombia
Other Countries in South America
Western Attitudes Toward Insects as Food: Europe, The United States, Canada
Western Research on Insects as Food and Animal Feedstuffs
Southern Africa: Overview
Republic of South Africa
Southern Africa: Zimbabwe
Other Countries in Southern Africa
Central and Eastern Africa: Overview
Central and Eastern Africa: Congo (Kinshasa) (Formerly Zaire)
Central and Eastern Africa: Zambia
Central and Eastern Africa: Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda
Central and Eastern Africa: Angola, Congo (Brazzaville), Others
Northern and Western Africa
Asia, Oceania
Southwestern Asia
South-Central Asia
Southeastern Asia: Overview
Southeastern Asia: Thailand
Other Countries in Southeastern Asia
Eastern Asia
Oceania: Overview, Papua New Guinea, Others )
Oceania: Australia
General Bionomics: Insect Orders and Families With Complete Metamorphosis
General Bionomics: Orders and Families With Incomplete Metamorphosis
Potential Hazards with Ingestion of Insects
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