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Griehl Manfred. German Jets of World War Two. (Warbirds Illustrated No 52)

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Griehl Manfred. German Jets of World War Two. (Warbirds Illustrated No 52)
Arms & Armor Press Ltd., 1988 - 66 p.
This Warbirds Illustrated volume contains many new photographs of the German jet-powered aircraft which, within a few short years, changed the face of aviation. The book does not deal solely with the famous Me 262 (although more than 1,500 examples were built, under incredible conditions), since as well as this and the new' Volksjdger' designs a lot of other interesting fighter projects were under development during the final six months of the Second World War: Focke-Wulf, Gotha, Heinkel, Henschel, Horten, Junkers and some smaller concerns all embarked on the project definition of high-speed interceptors to stop the Allied bomber fleets over the Reich, while advanced Messerschmitt designs, for example the P.1101 and 1112, were beginning to open the door for the supersonic fighter aircraft. Clearly, the days of the piston-engined fighter were numbered, despite powerful German types like Kurt Tank's Ta 152 and the many fast, longrange Allied fighter aircraft such as the P-51 Mustang.
ISBN: 0853688842
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