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Yakubov I. English Speaking Countries

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Yakubov I. English Speaking Countries
Tashkent. — 161 з.
This text book is intended for the students of the lyceums and the students of higher educational establishments. The aim of the book is to give information about the English speaking countries to the students studying English. The text-book covers Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The texts deal with territories, history, population, state system, cities, places of interest, education system, universities, outstanding (famous) writers, poets, painters, holidays of the above mentioned countries. To avoid repetition of the information given in the text-books in English for secondary schools (informations about English speaking countries) has not been included into the book.
Information about Great Britain is given under the following headlines:
Learn the history of Great Britain.
Modern Britain.
Some interesting facts about Great Britain.
Information about the USA is given under the following headlines.
Learn the history of the USA.
The USA today.
The holidays, traditions and customs in the USA.
Information about Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand is given under 2 headlines.
A text consisting of information about these countries.
Some interesting facts about these countries which may cause the readers' interest.
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