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Satoru Akutsu. A Practical Guide To Mimetic Expressions Through Pictures / 絵でわかる『ぎおんご・ぎたいご』

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Satoru Akutsu. A Practical Guide To Mimetic Expressions Through Pictures / 絵でわかる ぎおんご ぎたいご
Издатель: ALC
Год выпуска: 1994
Качество: Сфотографированные страницы
Количество страниц: 132 (68 сканов разворотов)
ISBN: 978-4-87234-322-9
Язык книги: Японский / Английский
One of the most difficult things to master in Japanese are mimetic expressions, e.g. onomatopoeia, words that mimick voices, sounds or states, for example "iraira" (a feeling of irritation), "buubuu" (the sound of griping or complaining), or "girigiri" (very close, with little time/space to spare). If one can master these expressions, one's ability to express oneself in the language increases greatly and will sound more natural. This book features these expressions, divided by theme with illustrations and exercises to improve understanding. Each chapter presents a number of related phrases with examples of their useage as well as an illustration. A short quiz follows to test your understanding. The end of the book has a 6 page test to see how well you understand what you have learned, and an index in the back is excellent for reference. This 136 page book is a highly recommended textbook for those looking to improve their word power in Japanese. 5" x 7", by Akutsu Satoru, a writer for Nihongo Journal.
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