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Easterling K.E. Introduction to the Physical Metallurgy of Welding

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Easterling K.E. Introduction to the Physical Metallurgy of Welding
2 edition, Butterworth-Heinemann, 1992. 280 р.
Professor Easterling's book first, published in 1983, is widely regarded as the most important work on the subject. Of the many books dealing with welding, not one has denn devoted, as this book is, to the physical metallurgy, and the relationship between microstructure and properties of welds.
For this second edition, Professor easterling has fully updated the text. In particular, the numerical analysis approach to weldability has been fully explored and explained. Providing a thorough introduction, this second edition has been updated and expanded to cover new topics such as the numerical analytical techniques now being used in industry. This book should be of use to welding professionals and those studying metallurgy and materials science.
This book covers the requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in departments of materials science and engineering.
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