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Dyson F. Advanced Quantum Mechanics

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Dyson F. Advanced Quantum Mechanics
World Scientific Publishing Company, 2007, 220 pages
This volume comprises the legendary works on quantum electrodynamics by Dyson.
The late theorist Edwin Thompson Jaynes once remarked "For a generation of physicists they were the happy medium: clearer and motivated than Feynman, and getting to the point faster than Schwinger Future generations of physicists are bound to read these lectures with pleasure, benefiting from the lucid style that is so characteristic of Dyson's exposition.
The Dirac Theory
Scattering Problems and Born Approximation
Field Theory
Examples of Quantized Field Theories
Free Particle Scattering Problems
General Theory of Free Particle Scattering
Scattering by a Static Potential. Comparison with Experimental Results
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