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Minker W., Lee G.G., Nakamura S., Mariani О. (eds.) Spoken Dialogue Systems Technology and Design

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Minker W., Lee G.G., Nakamura S., Mariani О. (eds.) Spoken Dialogue Systems Technology and Design
Издательство Springer, 2010, -294 pp.
Spoken dialogue systems have become an increasingly important interface between humans and computers as they constitute the most natural way of communication.
This book covers all key topics in spoken language dialogue interaction from a variety of leading researchers. It brings together several perspectives in the areas of spoken dialogue analysis (Chapters 1-3), processing emotions in dialogue (Chapters 4-5), multimodality (Chapters 6-9) as well as resources and evaluation (Chapters 10-11).
The book is based on a selected subset of papers from the International Workshop on Spoken Dialogue Systems Technology (IWSDS) held at Kloster Irsee, Germany in 2009. There, the latest formal, corpus-based, implementational and analytical work on spoken dialogue systems technology have been discussed among researchers and developers in the area, from both industry and academia. The IWSDS workshop series (former Tutorial and Research Workshop Series at Kloster Irsee) provides since 1999 a regular forum for the presentation of research in the discourse and dialogue area to both the larger Spoken Dialogue Systems community as well as to researchers outside this community.
The 2009 workshop programme featured 36 papers from more than 14 different countries representing the 3 continents. Of these nine were invited for publication in this book along with two papers by invited speakers, i.e. a total of eleven papers. All workshop papers were extended and revised before they were submitted as book chapters. Each chapter has subsequently been reviewed by at least two reviewers and further improved on the basis of their comments.
Multilingual Speech Interfaces for Resource-Constrained Dialogue Systems
Online Learning of Bayes Risk-Based Optimization
Towards Fine-Grain User-Simulation For Spoken Dialogue Systems
Salient Features for Anger Recognition
Psychomime Classification and Visualization
Trends, Challenges and Opportunities in Spoken Dialogue Research
Dialogue Control by POMDP using Dialogue Data Statistics
Proposal for a Practical Spoken Dialogue System Development Method
Quality of Experiencing Multi-Modal Interaction
Dialogue Acts Annotation to Construct Dialogue Systems for Consulting
On the Use of N-gram Transducers for Dialogue Annotation
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