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Nayeripour M., Kheshti M. (eds.) Renewable Energy - Trends and Applications

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Nayeripour M., Kheshti M. (eds.) Renewable Energy - Trends and Applications
InTech. 2011. 262 p.
Increase in electricity demand and environmental issues resulted in fast development of energy production from renewable resources. In the long term, application of RES can guarantee the ecologically sustainable energy supply. This book indicates recent trends and developments of renewable energy resources that organized in 11 chapters. It can be a source of information and basis for discussion for readers with different backgrounds.
Are Renewables Effective in Promoting Growth? Evidence from 21 EU Members
Recent Developments in Renewable Energy Policies of Turkey
A Review on the Renewable Energy Resources for Rural Application in Tanzania
Smart Dispatch and Demand Forecasting for Large Grid Operations with Integrated Renewable Resources
Renewable Energy Sources vs Control of Slovak Electric Power System
Renewable Energy from Palm Oil Empty Fruit Bunch
Combustion and Emissions Characteristics of Biodiesel Fuels
Highly Efficient Biomass Utilization with Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technology
Bioethanol-Fuelled Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System for Electrical Power Generation
Data Acquisition in Photovoltaic Systems
Optimum Design of a Hybrid Renewable Energy System
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